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DISHA (Developing Initiatives for Social..

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Mahendra Jethmalani


7, Mangaldeep Flats,


Near Parikshit Bridge, Gandhi Ashram P.O.






380 027


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(79) 755 9842

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(79) 755 6782


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Livelihood regen for earthquake affected people



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$ 32000

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Gautam Desai


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  +  Banaskantha Livelihood Generation

$ 64000



$ 64000




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**** To effect socio-economic development of the poor and disadvantaged communities through protest, assertion, and empowerment.
**** Working towards improvement of economic and social conditions of the marginalized classes such as laborers, landless people, tribals, Dalits, women, etc



Livlihood generation projects have been successfully implemented for
1. Saltpan workers
2. Shoemakers
3. Weaver
communities afftected by earthquake in Banaskantha district of Gujarat



The proposal consists of 3 independent projects in Gujarat:
1. proposal to work with the most vulnerable community of Chammar ( shoe makers) in Banaskantha district for helping them to buy raw material and make shoes, and also help them with marketing of finished products
2. Proposal to buy the Ambar charka and neccessary raw materials to help affected families in patdi taluka to earn money using their traditional skill of weaving.
3. Proposal to help local community salt makers in patdi taluka known as Agariyas, by buying a salt pan to groups of around 10 people, and providing them with the necessary raw materials.

The proposal was received with a good recommendation from Gautam. It was reviewed by 3 chapters: State College, Minnesota and Duke. After several rounds of qu more...




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