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Odanadi Seva Samsthe

  Year Established


  Primary Contact

Stanly & Parashu


S R S Colony, Hootagally Village,


Belawadi Post, Mysore


Mysore District




571 186


  Phone 1

0821 402155 (Odanadi Office)

  Phone 2

0821 303812 (Mr. Stanly K.V)




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Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration, Empowerment


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  +  Odanadi

$ 6000


  +  Anti-Trafficking Campaign in the Pilot V..

$ 0


  +  Madilu (Rehab Center)

$ 19000


  +  Rescue and Rehabilitation of sexually ex..

$ 8600



$ 33600




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Odanadi Seva Samsthe (or Odanadi Seva Trust) is a social organization based in Mysore (India), which has been working for the Rescue, Rehabilitation, Reintegration and Empowerment of trafficked women and children. Currently, we take care of 75 rescued children with the intention of protecting them from the clutches of the sex-trade. We endevour to provide a decent, dignified childhood to these marginalized children.



As of this writing, Odanadi has organized and undertaken 18 rescue-operations. Over 400 girls in and out of Karnataka state have been rescued, and the perpetrators of this traffic have been brought to book.
The activities of Odanadi have been recognized by the state and the central governments. The Govt of Karnataka has allotted two plots of land in Mysore for the rehabilitation of prostituted more...



AID-austin took up the Odanadi project in conjunction with the Pragathi group of the Austin Kannada Sangha (AKS) in Oct 2004. Of the proposal received at AID austin, Pragathi decided to fund the food for all the children at Odanadi for 6 months. This amounted to 6000$ for six months. Rajesh Rao conducted a Site visit in Dec 2004 after which the project was approved in CSH. Though this project was being managed through AID-austin machinery, the funds came entirely from Pragathi group (AKS). Conference calls were conducted between AID-austin, Odanadi and Pragathi group to discuss issues and progress.
In May 2005, Smitha Shankara and Vinod Viswanath and Brunda Kuttekola conducted Site visits to further confirm that Odanadi was doing very good work. This led to a second 6 month funding more...




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