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" Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...

Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another... "



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Mandra Lions Club

  Year Established


  Primary Contact

Somnath Sinha Roy


Saradapalli village


PO- Bagmundih




West Bengal




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91-(03254) – 240335/240533

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Dipanjan Chowdhury
Sujit Sinha


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  +  Boston / Somnath Mukherji
  +  JohnsHopkins / Nirveek Bhattacharjee
  +  Boston / Tathagata Sengupta

  Projects List

Amount Funded

  +  Community Health Program

$ 4000


  +  Malaria control program

$ 2500


  +  2011 Flood relief Murshidabad WB

$ 11111


  +  RTI Campaign in Purulia

$ 18720


  +  Malaria Control Program - Phase II

$ 7927


  +  Rig Boring tube well at Malaria Testing ..

$ 4977


  +  School for displaced children - Mandra L..

$ 0


  +  Aila relief and rehab - Mandra

$ 30000


  +  Mandra Lions Club creating NREGA act awa..

$ 6980


  +  Goat Farming and Income Generation proje..

$ 6828


  +  Purulia RTI Campaign - 2010

$ 7755


  +  NREGA Project Phase 2 - Baghmundi

$ 22002


  +  MLC - Drinking water & Livelihood

$ 6115


  +  Mandra Lions Club RTI Project 2011

$ 10133


  +  REFA 2013

$ 0


  +  Murshidabad Flood Relief 2013

$ 700000


  +  Strengthening NREGS in Bagmundi block of..

$ 12637


  +  School for displaced children

$ 4000


  +  Mandra Lions Club RTI project 2013

$ 11626


  +  School for displaced children

$ 4000


  +  NREGS Phase 4 - Baghmundi

$ 3821


  +  NREGS Phase 4 Extension - pond desilting

$ 5555



$ 880687




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  NGO Goals



Sustainable devlopment, Helath and Education amongst the tribal communities in Ayodhya hills in Purulia. Special emphasis is combating malaria in the health sector



last year the organization started a pilot program on malaria prevention and controls through identifying four most malaria prone villages on the support of GTZ, Germany. From, that period the organization had arranged numbers camps on blood testing for identifying malarial diseases in its own or jointly with district health department (CMOH-II, Malaria Detection in charge, Purulia district) . In more...



The organisation always moved through education based learning and therefore last one decade it had given more stress on health education system because the organisation believes that every rural people should understand the health situations and maintain appropriate health practices and the same way education can aware them to take the opportunity of health services from government and according to necessity non-government also. But, during this period the organisation observed that due to lack of education, these backward, neglected tribal rural peoples still have lots of superstitions and in this reason, many unprofessional peoples had taken chance of their illiteracy and given wrong directions in health sector, therefore they still suffered. But, last five years the organisation has gi more...




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