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" Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...

Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another... "



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Jagriti(Jagriti Bal Vikas Samiti)

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Dr. Pranab Mahapatra & Vijaya Ramachandran


Dept. of Civil Engineering


Indian Institute of Technology




Uttar Pradesh




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Rs. 6-7 lakhs

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Rajat Agarwal
Namrata Vaswani,
301-467-8593 (cell)
College Park, moved to Atlanta
I last visited Jagriti in January 2003


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  +  Dallas / Sunita Mani
  +  Boulder / Raghu Bhavansikar
  +  Portland / Divya Singh
  +  Buffalo / Rohitesh Gupta

  Projects List

Amount Funded

  +  Laptop proposal

$ 0


  +  An Innovation in Education

$ 6600


  +  Jagriti Phase II

$ 8300


  +  Computer Education for youth in Rural ar..

$ 4500


  +  Computer Education for youth in UP

$ 5044


  +  Apna Skool - 2008

$ 8987


  +  apna skool - 2009

$ 5381


  +  Computer Education for Rural Children & ..

$ 2057


  +  Apna Skool 2010-11

$ 8000


  +  Apna Skool Scholarship Program - 2011-12

$ 14444


  +  Apna Skool - 5 centers 2011-12

$ 5061


  +  apna skool - 5 centers 2012-13

$ 6733


  +  apna skool scholarship program 2012-13

$ 3333


  +  apna skool scholarship program 2012-13

$ 3333



$ 81773




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  NGO Goals



We dream of a just society free from economic, social, and gender inequalities. Jagriti has taken up education and welfare of underprivileged children, as a step closer to making this dream a reality. We provide underprivileged children a very enjoyable education in formal subjects as well as give them a humanist perspective of their surroundings, so that they can understand and shape it. In our education we incorporate rationality, secularism an more...



They are running several schools where we provide the children with interesting, activity based education. Also they run many (15 when I last visted) nonformal centers for educating chidlren of migrant labourers, who come to Kanpur only for 6-8 months in a year. The teacher-student relationship is very friendly. Some of their activities are listed below:
. Proving food (midday meal ) to chil more...



Jagriti has been long associated with AID. It has been actively working in imparting and developing educational tools and activities for underpriviledged children. Starting off with the initiative to school children of construction workers on IITK campus, the organization''''''''s scope has expanded rapidly. It now runs a full fledged school till class 8th and many nonformal centers for chidlren of migrant labourers in and around Kanpur.
Some of the faculty, staff and students of IITK, volunteer with Jagriti also. Conducts innovative science fairs, eg. Metric mela, has a mobile library, mobile science laboratory, working on health camps, collaborates with several other organizations. Works towards curriculum development, integrating vocational training, etc.

A project jointly s more...




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