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" Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...

Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another... "



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Navnirman Trust

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E. Premdas


Navnirman Trust


Near Kenchamma Gudi, Potnal, Taluka Manvi








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Community development



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Most recent visit has been by Anand Narasimhan from AID-PennState. Many AID-PennState and AID-Bangalore volunteers have made visits.

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  +  PennState / Amit Arora

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  +  JMS Self Reliance and Aadarsha Store

$ 14833


  +  Koshy Varghese-Saathiship

$ 2000


  +  Tractor and Accessories

$ 15954


  +  JMS 2008

$ 7240


  +  JMS 2009

$ 7240


  +  JMS-Karnataka Flood Relief 2009

$ 17466



$ 64733




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  NGO Goals



Main goals of Navnirman Trust is to act as a facilitator and advisor to the Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan (JMS) formed by Navnirman Trust (erstwhile Vimukti). The leadership role of JMS is being transferred to the local women activists.



Jagrutha Mahila Sanghata,n a union of landless agricultural labourers has been started. JMS has presence in ~30 villages in Raichur dist.

Various alternative livelihood development programs have been started for the JMS women members. Some of these activities like terracotta jewelry making, neem fertilizer and biopesticide unit, herbal products unit etc. have been functioning independently more...



Navnirman Trust is the result of reorganization of the group of activists who were a part of Vimukti. After 6 years of work in Raichur district with the mostly Dalit, landless agricultural laborers, Vimukti has been able to mobilize the community to form the Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan (JMS) - a registered union of the workers.

Vimukti was de-registered and a new group "Navnirman Trust" was formed mainly to put JMS in the forefront for the development activities. Navnirman trust will play an advisory role to JMS.

In its 6 years of presence in Raichur districts, Navnirman Trust has been able to:
1. Establish the presence of JMS in ~30 villages in the districts
2. Mobilize to community and make them aware of their rights
3. Train the women to give them alternat more...




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