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Jharkhandi's Organization Against Radiat..

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Mr. Shri Prakash


Village Tilai Tand


P.O. Jaduguda


East Singhbhum






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Environment and People''''s Rights


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Shri Prakash''s personal address:
30, Randhir Prasad Street
Upper Bazar
Ranchi, Jharkhand - ?


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$ 55




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Represent the people of Jadugoda in their effort to
● make UCIL acknowledge the problems of radiation due to uranium mining
● convince UCIL to provide basic amenities such as health care, schools, roads etc
● talk UCIL into providing safeguards for miners
● inform outside world about Jadugoda's problems stemming from uranium mining



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Jadugoda, in East Singhbhum dt of Jharkhand, is the only productive uranium mine in India. Due to the proximity of the mines, tailing dams and uranium waste, the people in and around Jadugoda are exposed to high levels of radiation. Consequently, they have been suffering from serious diseases such as cancers, lung diseases, body deformities etc. UCIL, the company responsible for mining refuses to acknowledge the problems and is opening new mines around Jadugoda and in other parts of the country.

Hence, there is a need to create information in visual medium to communicate the hazards of uranium mining to those in the vicinity of new and old mines. The visual medium is important as a lot of people are illiterate and it is more effective than other forms of communication. For instance, more...




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