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Gurukula Botanica Sanctuary (GBS)

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Ms. Stefi Barna


Alattil P.O


North Wayanad








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Western Ghats Forests


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Ms. Stefi Barna who lives in the Sanctuary in North Wayanad.


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  +  BayArea / Ramachandran Balachandran

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1. To regenerate the heavily degraded WG forests from inside out by living in the midst of the forests in the Wayanad area.
2. To research, establish and base up the rapidly dimishing species of the ghats forests so that these plants can be used for regeneration of forests in other areas
3. To educate the school children who come to visit the GBS so that future generations can take up western ghats conservation
4. To work with forest dep more...



1. GBS is the only project to work with the full array of plant species found in our bio-region (most others have succeeded only with woody species, a few herbaceous species, or plants that have commercial value).
2. Conservation projects in India tend to maintain a separation between scientists and gardeners, that is, between experts and workers. In contrast, our work rests squarely on the sh more...



1. if you are aware, western ghats is like 1500 kms from south of tamilnadu till south of gujarat. there are many people/groups/ngo's etc who are working on this. broadly classifying them,
a. govt entities like forest dept, revenue dept, moef, etc
b. activists who struggle to protect crucial segments of forests from destructive dams, unwanted railway lines, luxury resorts, etc
(examples are mjhs, crc, tngm, etc)
c. ngo research and advocacy groups like atree (
d. individuals/groups working to restore forests in their area
(like the hushand-wife team of divya/shankar in annamalai, tamilnadu, bcrt in karnataka, probably bnhs in lot of maharastra areas)
e. many many more categories.

2. one among the above category is gbs. but it is a very ve more...




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