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Stop HIV/AIDS In India Initiative (SHAII..

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Vineeta Gupta


1413K Street, 4th Floor,




Washington DC 20005






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Health Awareness


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$ 32,318

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Dr. Vineeta Gupta
1413 K Street, NW, 4th Floor
Washington, DC 20005


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  +  CollegePark / Srinivas Krovvidy

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$ 10000


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$ 15000


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$ 25000




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The Stop HIV/AIDS in India Initiative (SHAII), a Washington - based effort is committed to bringing together groups to coordinate Indian and international advocacy efforts to address the HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria pandemics in India. SHAII especially focuses on galvanizing support from the non-resident Indians (NRI).

SHAII aims to craft an agenda with active participation of Indian organizations based on their need and vision more...



March - April 2006: SHAII worked extensively to bring attention to pediatric guidelines and medicines in India. In late January/ February, it was discovered that Emtri and Emduo Sol, the combination liquid pediatric formulations, were being blocked from being distributed in India. An action alert was issued to demand formulation of pediatric guidelines and treatment for children living with HIV more...



SHAII''''''''s focus includes:

Advocating a holistic approach to HIV/AIDS that targets the development of free and high-quality basic health care systems.
Access to affordable generic medicine (India’s Patents Act)
Increased resource allocation to strengthen health care systems and HIV/AIDS response
Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
Grassroots activism to support the health advocacy struggle in India

SHAII''''''''s advocacy efforts include reforms in international policies (U.S, multi-lateral institutions and international funding agencies) and Indian policies that have impact on health care, and HIV/AIDS in India.

SHAI will combine media and public education outreach with grassroots efforts in order to foster awareness and inspire activism amo more...




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