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Voluntary Health Association of Tripura ..

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Dr. Sreelekha Ray


Circuit House Area, P.O- Kunjaban










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0381 230 0482

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-0381222 2849


-0381 230 0482


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  +  Boise / Aditya Barman
  +  PennState / Vikas Argod

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  +  Promotion and Utilization of Renewable R..

$ 23339


  +  Promotion and Utilization of Renewable R..

$ 23339


  +  Unmesh - Child Protection Centre

$ 9066


  +  Unmesh - Child Protection Centre

$ 12466


  +  Unmesh Child Protection Center 2011-12

$ 0


  +  Unmesh 2013-14

$ 5555



$ 73765




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  NGO Goals



To Improve both preventive and curative health service for the people, to promote the environment and elementary education, rehabilitation of the socially ignored population, gender empowerment, implementation of child rights and thus to promote the health status of Tripura state.



2. Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT) is working within the state of Tripura since last 19 years for promotion of health, environment, sustainable development, elementary education and income generation of the downtrodden population. This is the only NGO network in Tripura.

VHAT contributed a lot in promotion of training by building the capacity of NGO, CBOs and GOs. It more...



Voluntary Health Association of Tripura (VHAT) is a state level federation of VOs, NGOs and CBOs and nationally federated to Voluntary Health Association of India (VHAI). Thus, the organization is networking both in state as well as national level for promotion of health centric holistic development in the state in particular and whole country in general. VHAT gives priority in networking with government department and advocacy for proper orientation of the government policy for giving maximum benefit to the under privileged as well as underserved or unserved population.

A) Networking with VOs and CBOs

i) Membership Promotion :

The membership of VHAT creates opportunity for sharing, co-operating and exchanging information, experiences and activities in the more...




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