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" Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...

Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another... "



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Shohratgarh Environmental Society

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Sandeep Srivastava


9, Prem kunj, Adarsh colony,


Garakul, Shohratgarh




Uttar Pradesh




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Environment Conservation thu Community Empowerment


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Rs. 14557590

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Sandeep Srivastava, Acting Secretary, SES

Regional Office:

C-28,First Floor,Sector-K
Aliganj, Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh,India


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  +  Houston / Rashim Singh

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Vision: Developing a society where everyone achieves personal happiness & well being.
- To improve health services.
- Developing an efficient & effective way of education, so every child must go to school & have a good standard of life.
- Capacity building of local people, so they can fulfill their basic need for livelihood.
- Conservation of environment



Some of our achievements in last 24 years are:
- Develop a strong network of thousand of NGOs.
- Nominated as regional resource agency from last 15 years by ministry of environment & forests under NEAC programme , for eastern u.p..
- Provided 125 nadep and padel pump for vegetable growing which enhanced the productivity by 20% & ultimately increase income of farmers.
- 30000 women we more...



Shohratgarh Environmental Society (SES), locally known as Paryavaran Samiti, was founded in 1985 by teachers, students and youths of the area to create awareness about environment, then an emerging issue in the country. SES began working at the grassroots level around Shohratgarh, but later also entered into networking and resource agency mode.

SES is located in Siddharthnagar district in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, the most populated province in India. Siddharthnagar shares border with the Himalayan country Nepal and because of its geographical location has its own share of environmental problems.

Over the years, SES has diversified into issues like health, agriculture, education, disaster mitigation, local governance and women empowerment. SES looks all these issues thro more...




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