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" Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...

Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another... "



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TRU (Trust for Reaching the Unreached)

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Nimitta Bhatt


41 Vishwas Colony


Nr. Apna Bazar, Alkapuri








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Health Care


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Gautam Desai (Charlotte), Asti Bhatt (Boston), Murli Natrajan (New York), Harish Patel (Chicago)


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  +  Austin / Nishant Jain
  +  AnnArbor / Shiny Mathew
  +  NewYork / Murli Natarajan
  +  Boston / Umang Kumar
  +  Boston / Priya Bangal

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  +  Earthquake Relief, Gujarat

$ 10000


  +  Girls education project Shivrajpur 2010

$ 6379


  +  Training of Village Health Catalysts (TR..

$ 2445


  +  Girls Education Project

$ 4888


  +  Trust for Reaching the Unreached (TRU) f..

$ 20694


  +  Girls education project Shivrajpur 2012

$ 4000


  +  TRU Mental Health Project

$ 11666



$ 60072




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  NGO Goals



TRU (The Trust for Reaching the Un-reached)
through its work, has built expertise in providing health care sustenance in different parts of Vadodora.
This approach takes care of community as a whole and the individual in specific. Its main features are:
1.Availability of Primary health care in each village
2.Pivotal roll of community worker (CHW), who belongs to the community
3.Promotion of preventive and promotive health practice more...



The health program has worked very effectively in reducing prevalence of malnutrition and reducing untimely deaths like child mortality, maternal mortality, etc. in many remote areas also. TRU has an experience of working on this participatory and community model for last 20 years. They have trained workers from various NGOs all over Gujarat in last many years.
All of them are still providi more...



TRU basically works in building health care expertise through community health workers. After the earthquake, TRU moved to provide immediate relief measures to Gujarat and continued to build
long-term rehabilitation efforts in Gujarat. It is in this context that AID has worked with TRU.

TRU has launched the following health and rehabilitation efforts in three areas in Gujarat, Khadir(Bhachau Tulika), Balasar(Rapar Tulika) and Maliya(in North Rajkot district):

- Re-instituting primary health work and organize the secondary health care in the above areas over a period of next one year.
- Approach to healthy living - consistent health education and prevention of diseases,
- Curative help for primary health problems, establishing referral links.
- Help restart the gov more...




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