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RHF (Ray Of Hope Foundation Inc)

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509, North Church Lane


Westerville, OH, 43082








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literacy & education



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Rs. 1.6 lakhs

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Malali Gowda
Phone: 614 292 8231


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  +  Baltimore / Vasundhara Puttagunta
  +  Boston / Komudi Singh

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  +  Educational needs of rural children

$ 3000


  +  Funding School computers

$ 4000



$ 7000




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RHF Inc. has played a very critical role in the inception & growth of SPS school in the Tumkur district of Karnataka. It aims to provide for the continued development of the school in all possible ways including provding merit based scholarships, computer education, fund-raising for the school's expansion from the local community & encouraging the local community to participate in the school's developmental work.



The school presently consists of 12 rooms and a playground. The student population has grown from 60 students to nearly 650 students at its peak, and presently stands at 447. The student body is comprised of nearly equal numbers of boys and girls. The NGO has generated a substantial amount of money and resources through local volunteering in the area and motivated people to help the school.



The project was proposed to AID to better equip the Phirangiswami school at Kunigal Taluk (Tumkur Dist, Karnataka). Mr Channaiah was among the founder members of the school. Mr Channaiah is a retired Engineer from AEP (Columbus, Ohio) and is a chairperson of NGO "Ray Of Hope Foundation Inc". He wants to help the school so that it can equip itself with better tools to cater to the diversified needs of the children.

After an extensive review and question-answer sessions, the project was approved. There were 2 phases to the project implemenation & funds disbursal. During the first phase, funds were provided for the builidng of the computer facility and during the second phase the costs of equipping the facility were covered. For details please refer to the project summ more...




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