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BCRT (Biodiversity Conservation Research..

  Year Established


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Dr. Malali Gowda


No.148, 1st Floor, Vijayanagara II Stage, Belur Rd




Hassan District






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91- 08172-652494

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91- 9343431886




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Environment protection


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Rs. 5,00,000

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  +  BCRT Afforestation

$ 3000


  +  Tree based Farming practices

$ 6000



$ 9000




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  NGO Goals



Broad Goals of the BCRT are:
(i) Conservation of biodiversity.
(ii) Documentation of biodiversity.
(iii) To establish a more harmonious relationship between man and nature.

In particular:
(i) Afforestation
(ii) Encouraging the farmers for tree based farming
(iii) Water harvesting
(iv) Conservation of medicinal plants
(v) Awareness programs for farmers and children



(1) Afforestation of barren rocky land.
(2) BCRT created awareness among local farmers through implementing aforestation programmes with tree - based farming system and other subsidiary agricultural occupations such as poultry, apiculture, and sericulture.
(3) Organizes environmental awareness workshops for Children in which thousands of kids from neighboring villages participate.
(4) Wa more...



Biodiversity Conservation and Research Trust (BCRT) is a brain-child of Dr. Malali Gowda. It was his dream, while a graduate student at MS Baroda University, to do something for his village and country. His village Anaganalu - at the foothills of Western Ghats had seen steady decline in the forest covers - which he witnessed a kid. He converted this to an opportunity and hence BCRT came into existence to conserve and document the biodiversity.

BCRT has seen phenomenal success in its work. Started with an incredible work of afforestation of a rocky barren land in the village, it is all set to take up afforestation of "Sigegudda" - an important hill in the region and the folklore has that it gives rains to the region. This has happened with the participation of very suppor more...




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