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" Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...

Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another... "



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Ashish Kothari


Apartment 5, Shree Dutta Krupa


908 Deccan Gymkhana








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91-20-565 4239

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environment protection


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Kartic Krishnamurthy


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  +  Baltimore / Vasundhara Puttagunta
  +  Boston / Komudi Singh

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Amount Funded

  +  Kalpavriksh Mining Study

$ 4100


  +  Large Dams in NE India - Awareness mater..

$ 3720


  +  Snow Leopard Conservation Education Prog..

$ 4100


  +  Tracking compliance with environmental c..

$ 5000


  +  Joint Urban Greens Project for Delhi and..

$ 5777


  +  Conservation and Livelihood: tracking fo..

$ 4800


  +  Snow Leopard Conservation Education Prog..

$ 6625


  +   Joint Urban Greens Project for Delhi

$ 6101


  +  Seed Diversity and Community empowerment

$ 0


  +  Snow Leopard Conservation Education Prog..

$ 7500


  +  RTI Clearing House project

$ 5695


  +  Bheemashankar: Tracking Forest Rights

$ 4800


  +  Urban Greens Delhi - Phase II

$ 6346


  +  2009-KanchiKohli-Saathiship

$ 6533


  +   Advocacy of non-compliance with Env...

$ 9184


  +  KV RTI Project

$ 6200


  +  Kalpavriksh members travel support

$ 0


  +  PA Update

$ 2777


  +  Environmental Regulation in the era of G..

$ 6648


  +  Campaign for Bio-Diversity and Environme..

$ 6333


  +  RTI Clearing House_2010

$ 6200


  +  Campaign for Bio-Diversity and Environme..

$ 6966


  +  Saathiship for Manju Menon

$ 4444


  +  Campaign for Bio-Diversity and Environme..

$ 6966


  +  Campaign for Bio-Diversity and Environme..

$ 6966



$ 133781




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  NGO Goals



Kalpavriksh believes that a country can develop meaningfully only when ecological sustainability and social equity are guaranteed, and a sense of respect for, and oneness with nature, and fellow humans is achieved.

It has 4 primary focus areas:
(1) Environment and Development: Specifically, analyzing the environmental and legal aspects of mining and construction of large dams
(2) Conservation and Communities: Protecting the joint des more...



Kalpavriksh is currently doing a sub-thematic review paper on Mining and Biodviersity for India''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP). In addition it is also looking at a couple of case studies on mining for a study on Conflicts over Natural Resources. These assignments has enabled the NGOs to network with academics, researchers, activists over a more...



The NGO, Kalpavriksh, was established in 1979 and focuses on issues related to conservation and development, biodiversity conservation, and environmental education. It possesses expertise in legal issues related to construction of dams, mining and their impact on local ecology.
It treads the ‘middle path’ between human rights and eco-conservation
Focus areas:
(a) Biodiversity Issues
(b) Community and Conservation
(c) Environment and Development
(d) Ecologically sensitive Altenatives
(a) Research (b) Environmental Education (c) Networking (d) Open Letter Campaigns (e) Policy Analysis

Kalpavriksh believes that a country can develop meaningfully only when ecological sustainability and social equity are guaranteed, more...




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