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  project name ~ Manav Sadhna Guj_earthquake relief

category ~ relief-gujarat-2001




  Project Name


Manav Sadhna Guj_earthquake relief



Manav Sadhna










  Budget Approved


$ 27000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sudha Nagavarapu











The January 26th, 2001 earthquake prompted Manav Sadhna to work on rehabilitation in Kutch. After visiting about a dozen villages Manav Sadhna selected Ludiya, a village in the Kutch district, as it is inhabited by a downtrodden and backward community of 2,300 people. They applied for funds for construction of 100 Bhungas with toilet facilities each costing Rs. 26,000, at the total cost of Rs.2,600,000. AID-Maryland and AID-MN discussed this project in their respective groups and approved funding for building 50 Bhungas and toilet facilities.













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