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  project name ~ Swastha Janani Sudhrud Balak (Year 1)

category ~ Health Care and Family Planning




  Project Name


Swastha Janani Sudhrud Balak (Year 1)



AAA (Amhi Amchya Arogyasathi)



Health Care and Family Planning







  Budget Approved


Rs 794640


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Aravind Aluri
Arkamitra Kar
Parag Shah
Pavan Vaidyanathan
Aravind Aluri


West Virginia










Project aims to reduce mother and neonatal morbidity and mortality and to achieve the millennial goals about the health indicators. It requires funds for the period of next 3 years.

Project plans to train women Health workers, one from each 2500 to 3000 people from same community, about mother and neonatal care. She will monitor the health of mothers (prenatal and postnatal conditions), diagnose the high risk problems and refer to proper health facility. Such 17 health workers are currently chosen for training, for the health care of 50000 urban slum population.

Project ran for 3 years and was funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through the "Surestart mother and newborn care initiative".

Total Budget: 8 lacs (per year)
Request to AID: 5 lacs (year 1)
NGO plans to raise 3 lacs funds from local donations.

Urban population in Maharashtra is rapidly growing and has reached about 50% of the total. Urban slum population has reached as high as 40%. Due to lack of health infrastructure the health indicators are very high like Neonatal Mortality Rate (NMR) - 37 mortality in 1000 live births, Mother Mortality Rate (MMR) - 325 mother mortality in 1 lac population and percentage of low birth weight - 24 to 30% babies are below 2.5 kg like in rural and tribal area of the Maharashtra, and sometimes worse.





The project has just completed two years in the urban slums of Nagpur. Two years are too early for any long term impact assessment. Nevertheless, some key outcome of the project is as follows: There is a marginal increase of 7% in the overall registration (from 73% at the beginning of the project to 80% in one year). There is an increase of 10% in early registration (from 39% to 49%); ANC Danger signs detection has increased marginally with a modest 2% increase but the post detection treatment has increased by 16% (from 86% to 98%); 1.2.3. There is an increase of 3% in Institutional deliveries during the same period; The weight taken within 24 hours of the live birth was 81% and has increased to 87%. The low birth weight out of total weight taken was about 24% which has gone down to 17% during this period; 1.2.5. Four or more ANC checkups has gone up from 43% to 52%; NMR has come down from 36 to 35 during this period; Actual benefits to eligible ANC for Janani Suraksha Yojana has gone from 43% to 47%; 44 Emergency Health Fund has been formed in 10 bastis. The no of households per EHF is on an average 10 to 12 member Of these, 35 EHF has already started delivering the services and 214 families have so far received the credit from the EHF for health In 10 bastis Community Health committees have been formed and 44 CHC have been given level one training. The CHC has so far raised issues concerning water and sanitation, rationing, application for health post and anganwadi, involvement in health camp, referral cases, involvement in JSY and roads, samaj mandir etc. The involvement in JSY has been good; Meetings have been organized with NMC for cooperation and collaboration on RCH and other health related activities.





In the next four years Amhi Amchya Arogya Sathi has a single goal: “Minimize the infant & maternal deaths (IMR and MMR) below per with National averages in the selected slums of Nagpur city” Towards this goal, “Swasth Janani Sudhrud Balak” project has two set of specific objectives for next three years. These are: A. Organizational Level: The project name will change to “Swasth janani Sudhrud balak” from its present nomenclature of “Sure Start Project”. At the organizational level the project has following objectives: • To build a dynamic ( with neonatal & maternal health as priority strategic thrust area and with a long term sustainable work plans in Nagpur) consortium of NGOs working on Neonatal Health in Nagpur; • To build a cadre ( socially aware and technologically sound) of neonatal & mother health workers known as Arogyasakhi at the project level B. NMC Level: the objective is to further strengthen the rapport with the NMC and influence the policy and programmes. In lieu with this: ? To increase the number of health posts in the operational area; ? To build the capacity of the NMC staff ? To collaborate with NMC for RCH implementation C. Community Level: Two types of objectives at the community level: ? To increase the cumulative neonatal & maternal health index (based on seven parameters of registration, ANC checkups…institutional deliveries and JSY) of the operational area; ? To increase the functionality of ( quantitative and qualitative ) of the community support structures ( Community Health Committees and Emergency Health Fund );



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