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  project name ~ Alternate Energy - Parabolic Solar Cookers

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  Project Name


Alternate Energy - Parabolic Solar Cookers






Alternate Energy







  Budget Approved


$ 1350


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Kavita Karandikar












Cost of solar cookers is the main hurdle in promoting this technology in rural areas. Aanganwadi workers have good social contacts in rural areas. They can be good promoters of solar energy. The new solar cookers: parabolic cookers are fast and convenient as compared to the traditional ones. It can provide fast and long term cost effective alternative cooking in rural areas. However to popularize this technology additional subsidy for the cookers has to be provided.





Two positive and significant outcomes or achievements of this project are. 1) One of the most important outcome of the project is that the government agencies like MEDA also got motivated and they have taken a pilot project to provide 203 parabolic solar cookers to all Aanganwadis in Panhala tahsil of Kolhapur district. I was told by manager Solar division of MEDA that this govt. project was initiated based on our project. 2) We have received letter form state nodal agency MEDA that they have now recommended use of bigger community parabolic cookers to MoNES for subsidy.





1. To provide cost effective alternative for cooking in rural areas. 2. To popularize the solar cooking applications by generating public awareness. 3. To protect conventional fuels like “Fire wood”, Kerosene and Cooking gas. 4. Environmental preservation through eco-friendly alternatives. One solar cooker is expected to save wood equivalent to 2 trees of @ 10 yrs. age. 5. To develop new manufactures of solar cookers, thus generating employment and technology dissemination



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