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  project name ~ 2009-2010 AID India RTI Implementation - Bihar

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  Project Name


2009-2010 AID India RTI Implementation - Bihar



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)







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AID RTI Bihar project aims to coordinate all RTI activism in Bihar at district, block, circle and panchayat levels in all districts of Bihar. There are thousands of people who are using RTI all over Bihar but at best their efforts are at individual levels and fruits of their experiences and efforts are not benefiting others. For this purpose an RTI Manch, Bihar was established in July wherein all membership is being organized district-wise resulting in formation of district RTI coordination committee which would in turn coordinate work at block, circle and panchayat level. Its aim will be to encourage and nurture RTI activism at these levels so that effort of this kind will spread out laterally as well as above and below, training people to use RTI as a means to redress the problems of their daily lives- and help them to become more self- reliant and confident. Trainings –workshops will be held in the communities where these people live by there own fellow-block/circle/panchayat/village inhabitant.





In year 2009, 1) Five days RTI camp in Rajgir, Nalanda District in central government Ministry of Information and broadcasting programme Bharat Nirman. 2) Dharna in State Information Commission to protest against its functioning and for not ensuring full availability of information requested to applicants and handing over of memorandum to the Commissioners. 3) Continuous effort in order to get state government to cancel an illegal order by state cabinet which allowed all government departments to get infrastructure works(such as drainage, roads, water-supply systems) awarded to private companies on ''nomination'' basis and not on inviting tender basis. Filed a PIL in June, and High Court ordered expunging of this cabinet decision. In this process many erroneous steps taken in awarding contracts by government were detected. Subsequently many such illegally awarded works (which I had learnt about through RTI ) were cancelled. 4) Continued efforts by BRTI Manch throughout the year to improve conditions in PMCH. Government agreed to improve facilities after numerous inspections of hospital under section 2ji of RTI Act and letters to government brought the apathetic condition of the hospital into the open and we appeared in C.M.''s Janta Durbar on 11.8.09. But these government efforts are going on at a snail''s pace. 5) Meeting with new Chief Information Commissioner ( who took charge on 22.10.09) to improve his functioning after we found that he was closing cases on flimsy grounds without providing suitable information to public or levying any penalty on PIOs 6) An RTI awareness as well as Information Centre in Sonepur Mela for a whole month. This government organized Mela is at a distance of about 10 kms from Patna in Saran District. Major fair of Bihar attended in a huge numbers by people from all over Bihar. Received special prize for it each year. 7) Collection of data on about 49 criminal cases or serious threats to life and property of RTI users in Bihar and presenting it to Chief Secretary, DGP, Chief Minister, Chairman, Human Rights Commission and Home Department and Governor, Bihar which resulted in an order by Personnel Dept. to concerned DMs to take action on officials found guilty. Cognisance by Human Rights Commission on the above and notice issued to government to suspend all concerned officials who connived for the above in 6 weeks after enquiry. 8) Meri Awaz Suno. This full-day programme was a public hearing against false criminal cases or serious threats instituted against RTI activists as well as non-RTI using citizens all over Bihar by BDOs and Thana officials. About 40 cases were heard by Human Rights commissioners in Bihar as well as government officials, politicos and social workers in Bihar. Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan attended from Delhi. Around 350 people attended the programme. High level meeting held by C.M. Bihar for immediate measures to put a stop to the above. Announcement of help-line by government for mitigation on above. 9) Vikalpon Ki Talaash -Seminar in Patna with political, media and N.G.O.s to expose findings through Right to Information of collapse of existing governance systems and to explore alternatives or new ideas in judiciary, media, politics keeping within democratic system of governance – Arvind Kejriwal gave his keynote speech on Swaraj. 10) Mohalla (Ward Sabha) in Ward 10 of Patna Municipal Corportation (PMC) with Ward Councillor and PMC officials. A report was prepared by Manch and presented to the Urban Development Secretary.





1. Popularize RTI on a large scale by means of holding workshops and training camps regularly. 2. Work with individuals as well as organisations to equip their membership to file and follow-up on RTI application. 3. Assist community struggles against large-scale exploitation of masses by strategic use of the RTI Act. 4. Using the media profusely as a means to propagate awareness of the wide-ranging use of the RTI Act. 5. Networking at the state level to increase awareness of the RTI Act. 6. Coordinating with the National Campaign. 7. Tracking, reporting and taking action on the implementation of Right to Information.



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