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  project name ~ Purulia RTI Campaign - 2010

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


Purulia RTI Campaign - 2010



Mandra Lions Club



Community Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 349000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Tathagata Sengupta
Anil Kumar Somani












Last year, Association for Indias Development partnered with Mandra Lions Club (MLC), one of our long-term partners, in their RTI campaign in 3 blocks in Purulia district, WB- Baghmundi, Jhalda I, Jhalda II.





Till now, about 100 RTIs have been filed, and more than half of the applications have received responses. In places like the Matha, Rigid, Baghmundi Gram Panchayats, people brought about improvements in the rationing system, unearthed a misappropriation of NREGA money meant to be used for a particular road construction, forced re-opening of some of the ICDS centres and one person, after years of struggle, received appointment letter from the nearby PPSP (hydel power project) authorities, a job that had been guaranteed to him when his land was acquired. The greatest achievement is that people in a lot of places are now filing RTIs by themselves, without active involvement of MLC. But a lot more needs to be done in terms of ensuring transparency and proper functioning of these pro-poor Government schemes. In particular, arresting NREGA money laundering seems to be the hardest hurdle at the moment. It is important that these issues are brought to the limelight, because one needs to build up external vigilance in sync with internal pressure to tackle corruption this rampant. With this goal of creating a space for respectful communication between the rural and urban West Bengal, few AID volunteers, in collaboration with some grass-root groups across the state, are planning to create a website. It will not just be about RTIs, but they will definitely be a part of it. The basic premise of the website will be to act as a mirror of rural West Bengal and be a forum for the voices from the grassroots.





The main goal of the campaign is to popularize the use of RTIs to channelize feedback about the working of various Government schemes like the Public Distribution System, the Integrated Child Development System, the mid-day meal programme, NREGA, Antyodaya and Annapurna schemes.



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