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  project name ~ aranyika core support 2010

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


aranyika core support 2010






Community Empowerment






Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 625000


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Krovvidy


College Park










The main objective of this project is to continue AIDs ongoing support for Aranyikas activities. AID has been involved with Aranyika for over eight years. During these years Aranyika has been able to support a small team of volunteers who have been working with villagers from 14 different villages in G. Madugula mandal. These activities include (i) Repairing the Tabelugummi check dam, (ii) Stregthening Water User Association, (iii) Training local Panchyat leaders in microplanning through Panchayat Raj workshops and (iv) Completing the drinking water and sanitation projects in eight of the fourteen villages including faciliation of Drinking Water User Associations. (v) Arranging periodic counseling sessions to the girl students and women, promoting mandal wise women leaders including training, legal advice and support and medical/health guidance/advice/support.

With this project Aranyika would like to build on these activities and work towards strengthening womens desk activities, youth associations, Water User Association and Drining water User Association. The project will systematize and activate four Manavatha Kendra Yuvajana Sanghams. In addition it also focuses on youth at colleges, nurture them towards social responsibility besides their personal development. The project likes to continue its services through the women desk by following up on old cases while taking up new issues. The project is expected to continue for multiple years with an understanding that there will be an annual report documenting the progress of these activities at the end of each year.





Womens Desk DAWRI (Desk for Awareness of Women on Responsibilities and Issues), A tribal women friendly initiative has proved to be a trusted friend for those helpless and hopeless women to bank upon in times of distress. During last year, DARI has been working on 18 different cases including providing guidance, counseling and legal support. A couple of examples of these cases include those of Anjali and Alima. Anjali is a poor tribal woman and mother of two children and her case is the first domestic violence case in Araku/Paderu which ignited the minds of other women in the area to raise their voice for their rights. She was mentally and physically abused by her husband for several years. After she contacted Aranyika, she not only fought for her rights but also convinced her husband to seek counseling and eventually brought change in him. Late Alima was unfortunately killed by her husbandís family and received a lot of press coverage. However, the case registered against them did not include the names of the accused perpetrators. Aranyika fought that the final case had the names of the accused. Sample achievements from Youth Associations ∑ In the year 2008, there were heavy rains in the area and many mud walled houses got damaged. Tabelugummi Youth Association took initiative to survey and identified 16 houses were substantially damaged in K.Kodapalli Panchayath. When only four of the families were given partial compensation, the Youth Association members filed RTI petitions and exposed the underlying corruption. Eventually they were able to recover more than 70% of the siphoned funds. They were able to re-verify and obtain 50 job cards for 50 eligible families. They also actively participated in women''''''''s desk activities. Legal assistance to the Paderu court: There is a big problem that accused are not given summons, so cases will be pending for long time. Normally police have to issue these summons but due to Maoist problem they donít go to interior villages. The Youth Association volunteers assisted almost for two months and gave summons on behalf of the Court resulting in 40 pending cases getting disposed.





The goals of the current project include: I. Promoting Youth Associations in the area and II. Providing legal assistance with counseling to tackle the women issues under DARI Ė For Women. Youth Associations: Focus on those already on going without taking up new ones. ∑ Tabelugummi Youth Association, K.Kodapalli Panchayath, G.Madugula Mandal. ∑ Singavaram Youth Association, Godugumamidi Village, Peddalochili Pancayath, G.Madugula Mandal. ∑ Domangi Youth Association, Domangi Village, Guntagennela Panchayath, Dumbriguda Mandalam. ∑ Punaralochana Seva Sangam, Sirsapalli Village, Galagendda Panchayath, Peddaboilu Mandal Womens Cell: Strengthening of womens cell by organizing workshops and councelling sessions including sensitization to gender and class discrimination, training in leadership qualities. Continue ongoing services through the women desk including following up on old cases while taking up new issues. It also plans to give legal trainings to women along with youth. This year the project concentrates on promoting members for the women desk from the area. They like to celebrate womenís day as every year which will give a platform to relate with many people those are concerned and women friendly.



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