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  project name ~ Engaging TN SIC and improving RTI implementation 2010

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


Engaging TN SIC and improving RTI implementation 2010



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)






Tamil Nadu

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Gaurav Shah
Vishal Kudchadkar


Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Anti Corruption Team









This project will primarily support the efforts of an AID-Chennai full timer to work with the Tamil Nadu State Information Commission to make sure that it acts in a way, that removes potential bottlenecks and keeps the spirit of the act alive .The project also will raise awareness on RTI through training camps, local media etc.





-Success stories like helping an old woman get her pension through RTI, taking on illegal hoardings in the city and bringing DVAC under the purview of RTI. -Big impact on the functioning of SIC. Hearings increased almost 10-fold. -SIC decisions being put up online. -Several other latest updates on adropinanocean.blogspot.com





1) To interact with the State Information Commission of Tamil Nadu, review their rulings and make sure that their decisions are in keeping with the right letter and spirit of the RTI act 2) To run RTI clinic on Saturdays from AID-Chennai office 3)To conduct monthly awarness camps in slums of Chennai 4)To conduct monthly awareness camps in villages in districts AID-Chennai already has a presence in 5)To use local media to spread awareness about the act 6)To continue filing RTI applications to sensitize PIOs of different departments



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