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  project name ~ 2010 - Night Shelter for Children of Sex Workers

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


2010 - Night Shelter for Children of Sex Workers






Community Empowerment



South 24 Parganas



West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 287440


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Moni Day


College Park









This is Phase-11 of work started in 2008. The red light area is situated in the Puratan Bazar area of Baruipur, Dist. South 24 Parganas. There are around 255 sex workers providing their services in this area. Country liquor is sold right from morning which is consumed by many from morning itself. Absence of law and order in this area always makes the environment here very tense, unhealthy and dangerous. The sex workers are completely under the control of the brothel owners - maasis and local anti social elements. The children of the sex workers are developing bad habits in this social environment. They neither attend school nor do they have any idea about health and hygiene. The children are all malnourished. The income of the mothers is quite low and they have to part with a portion of their earning to the maasi and the babus. The children also acquire anti-social habits and learn abusive and slang language. Most of them, specially the boys are offenders. Kids are at times sexually abused. Constant exposure to such an environment tends to lead these children towards anti social activities, alcohol and drugs when they become adults. As they do not have any alternate options to live better, they fail to adopt these even when some of them get an opportunity. They have a tendency to ultimately revert back to their own area and lead the same antisocial life. The condition of girl children is more pathetic as many of them have to accept the same profession as their mothers in their early teens. As primary education is compulsory in India, the children from red-light areas are eligible for admission to formal schools. However, discrimination and neglect bottleneck the children from continuing education. Teachers as well as parents of other children object to their admission. Provinding a safe and protected haven with proper education is the only way to save the children of the sex workers from becoming anti socials. The night shelter is an attempt in this direction





The achievements have been documented in the attached docs. The night shelter has been successfully supporting 30 kids for the past 3 years from 4 pm to 6 am the next day; Provides protection, foster care and nutritious food to these kids; Teaches healthy habits and provides basic education to these kids





To provide a conducive atmosphere for children born to sex workers by keeping them away from abusive language, running errands to fetch liquor and drugs, physical abuse; To foster a safe environment for joyous learning; To admit and help retain eligible children of sex workers in mainstream schools; To distribute educational materials, renovate school building, conduct sensitization meetings in locality to create a caring community - To involve government authorities and other stakeholders



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