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  project name ~ VMT Breeder Bull

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  Project Name


VMT Breeder Bull



VMT (Venu Madhuri Trust)










  Budget Approved


Rs 105000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Vijai Gandikota











The lower and upper hamlet at Ramanwadi has around 80 plus cattle. Most of the cattle are of nondescript type. Itís because of unscientific and uncontrolled breeding. Ramanwadi cattle are of low input low out put type. They need not require any specific attention or hardly requires medication compared to exotic breeds. Although the dung from the cattle is highly benefitting for fuel generation and for organic farming as manure, the milk yield of the cows is low. Few families have 7-9 cows but no milk generated for the children. Also the draught / bull generated from avalable local breed needs to be of improved quality. In order to improve the local nondescript breed a high quality of breeder bull, suitable for the local agro-climatic condition and need of villager is necessary. Itís very must to make these cows productive through traditional breeding system by keeping a breeder bull.





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Goals for this project are the holistic development of: villagersí health, sustainable agriculture system, local COW BREED & village economy



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