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  project name ~ Samparc Anjar Balgram

category ~ relief-gujarat-2001




  Project Name


Samparc Anjar Balgram



SAMPARC ( Social Action for Manpower Creation..










  Budget Approved


$ 21960


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Aparna Venkatesan







Kids at Balgram in front of the building





This project was funded from the AID-Gujrat earthquake relief funds.

Project involves rehabilitating and taking care of children, which were orphaned in Feb. 2001 due to massive Earthquake in Gujarat.





Education, food, board for 34 kids





The project has three phases: PHASE I: To build an orphanage to take care of kids affected by Gujarat EQ at Anjar. Initial support needed for supporting 30 children for period of 7 years. COST : Rs.432400/yr Initial support includes taking care of food, shelter, education and health of the kids. PHASE II: Goal is to expand the support to 100 children if the funding permits. Second phase also involves construction of Balsadans for the kids. COST: RS 12 lacs PHASE III: Community Development programs in the district. Programs will aim towards creating awareness about health care, hygiene and education and will promote projects for the self-employment of the women. COST: Rs 7 lacs/year



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