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  project name ~ Tree based Farming practices

category ~ Environment




  Project Name


Tree based Farming practices



BCRT (Biodiversity Conservation Research Trus..










  Budget Approved


$ 6000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Swati Jain











Tree-based farming is a traditional system that integrates forest trees into agriculture. Tree-based farming practices
yield multiple benefits to farmers. In the last century, trees have been cut down from farmland to grow only crop
plants and increase the food production. The best
solution is to revitalize farmland by adopting traditional tree-based farming practices.





Sustainable living and village development Promoting awareness and responsibility Saving Western Ghats & Increasing Biodiversity





1. Creation of awareness among the local people about the link between forest, rain and agriculture. 2. Establishment of a plant nursery to support Tree-based farming and reforestation activities. 3. Implementation of Tree-based farming, organic manure and rainwater harvesting practices in villages. 4. Sustainable employment opportunities to local people



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