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  project name ~ LCD projector for AID-Bihar to show Eureka videos and other awareness materials

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


LCD projector for AID-Bihar to show Eureka videos and other awareness materials



AID India



Education - Child







  Budget Approved


Rs 75000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Mohan Bhagat


College Park









Villages in Bihar have very poor facilities to educate their children and adults. They donít have access to
information that is often readily available to residents and children in urban areas. Knowledge is often
misconstrued by myths, superstitious beliefs and other misconceptions. In order to promote awareness
and improve knowledge of the science behind our universe among the children of the villages in Bihar,
AID-INDIA in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar Networks screened a series of educational videos about
the universe in schools. They witnessed a widespread interest among the children and the older
residents of these villages for similar programs in the future. However, they are unable to reach a wider
audience using the currently available resources such as TVs, DVD players and Laptop computers. TVs
and laptop computers make it difficult for everyone in the audience to see and hear the information
portrayed. Poor availability of electricity makes using such resources impossible. Acquiring a LCD
projector and a generator will enable this project to reach out to a wider target audience.





By screening the series of educational videos about the universe they were able to generate widespread interest and engage not just the children but also the adults in these villages. They were able to promote knowledge of science and help overcome myths, superstitious beliefs and misconceptions about the universe among their audience.





This project aims to promote awareness and educate children and adults in the villages of Bihar on various issues ranging from science, current events, agriculture, health, child care and local issues among others. Acquiring a LCD projector and generator will enable them to reach a wider target audience.



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