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  project name ~ 2010-Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA-RTI support group

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


2010-Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA-RTI support group



AID India



Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


Rs 400000


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  Chapter Coordinators


Rashim Singh
Rashim Singh


Anti Corruption Team










This is the 4thyear of the project. This project provides funds that will strengthen the democratic processes and people’s participation in democracy through awareness generation about the Right to Information (RTI) Act and the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) and monitoring of public funds in government programmes through conducting social audits in rural areas.





1) 12 such kiosks were organized under RTI/NREGA Awareness Campaign. About 7950 people got the information about the Process of application, first and second appeal andfiling complaints under RTI. Reference material (9224 booklets, 435 VCDs and 100 VCD sets) was distributed for RTI/NREGA awareness. 2) 7 meetings and workshops were conducted in 2009 for RTI awareness and proper implementation. 10 training workshops on RTI and its functioning 3) RTI Helpline was provided to 233 people during Nov 2008 to Nov 2009 period. 4) MAGP “RTI on wheel” was rallied around in different districts of Rajasthan. 5) Street Survey in Jaipur to evaluate the implementation status of RTI was done with getting info from 1400 people about RTI information, use and success. 6) Public hearing on the decision made by Rajasthan State Information Commission in Jaipur on Sept 7, 2009. This is the first time such public hearing was conducted for urban populace, which is very prevalent in rural Rajasthan. 350 people from 27 district participated in this hearing. 700 people were invited for this hearing. Out of which applications of 201 people were studied during this hearing, which showed that either people have not got the info or they have got incomplete information. The hearing proposed that similar to judges, properties of information commissioners, govt servants and officials, all public interest institutions and organizations should also be made public. Formation of National and State public information forums were also proposed. Information Commisioner M.D. Korani promised that commission will take action to solve all the complaints noted in this hearing. 7) Save RTI Act campaign: Signature and post card to PM Campaign against the proposed amendment and participation in protest at Jantar-mantar on Nov 14, 2009 8) Public hearing on development work performed at Chilaweshar gram panchayat, Bhilwada district, Rajasthan was done which showed lots of corruption and descripancies. 1500 people participated in public hearing. Villagers openly condemned the wrongdoings of Surpanch and gram panchayat. They raised voice against the corruptions in the use of money received by panchayat for village development. They realized that they can stop this corruption by uniting and doing collective audits. Prepared report was submitted to higher govt officials, which will be investigated and action would be taken against guilty officials. 9) Participation in social audits on the work conducted under NREGA in all panchayats of Bhilwada district 10) Active participation in Second National Youth Conference (Feb 21-22, 2009), May fair and Labor day (Apr 31- May 1, 2009), Employment Fair (Jun 25, 2009), NREGA dialogue (monthly), and Rajasthan Election Watch 2009 10) RTI support group did the election watch in Rajasthan during 2009 Loksabha Election. During the watch, candidates’ affidavits were analyzed for their properties, educational and criminal backgrounds and the prepared report was distributed to the public through pamphlets.





a) Generating RTI/NREGA awareness among the urban and rural poultaion of Rajasthan through Kiosks, meetings, trainings, workshops and distribution of reference material. b) Running RTI helpline to prvide help and gudiance to citizen for the proper use of RTI Act. c) Evaluation of implementaion status of RTI Act in Rajasthan followed by dialogue with public and goverment for the improvement. d) Conducting public hearing on decision made by State Information Commission of fisrt and second appeals under RTI. e) Conducting and participating in various Social Audits of developental work in various panchayats. f) Rajasthan Loksabha Election watch 2009



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