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  project name ~ 2011 Arvind Saathishp

category ~ Good Governance




  Project Name


2011 Arvind Saathishp



AID India



Good Governance







  Budget Approved


Rs 240000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Arun Gopalan
Somu Kumar


College Park
College Park









Arvind, is a social activist working on effective implementation of RTI and also crusader of the Swaraj campaign.After he graduated from IIT Kharagpur with a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering Arvind became an officer in the Indian civil services. He was serving as Joint Commissioner in the Indian Revenue Services when he resigned to devote his time fully to fight corruption in India. He founded an Indian based citizensí movement Parivartan (in 2000) that has been fighting for just, transparent and accountable governance





Arvind Kejriwal campaigned for the National Right to Information Act, which was passed in 2005. He is actively promoting the Swaraj campaign in the last few years. In July 2006, he spearheaded a successful awareness campaign, "Drive against Bribe" for promoting RTI across India. Awards * 2004 Ashoka Fellow * 2005 Satyendra Dubey Award for his campaign for bringing transparency in Government * 2006 Ramon Magsaysay Award for Emergent Leadership. * 2006 Indian of the Year in Public Service





Arvind Kejriwal and his team of Parivartan volunteers have been working on the following among many other things. # Swaraj campaign- Decision making power should be with the people and should be participatory and transparent. # Arvind and his team from Parivartan have toured various states to study the functioning of good participatory panchayats # Work towards promoting larger awareness of Right to Information among economically backward section of the society and encourage them to use RTI instead of paying Bribe in their day-to-day lives.



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