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  project name ~ 2011 Swati Desai Saathiship

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  Project Name


2011 Swati Desai Saathiship



AID India









Tamil Nadu

  Budget Approved


Rs 120000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Mohan Bhagat
Suchithra Ramaswamy


College Park
Bay Area









Swati Desai’s Team has been working on several projects in the rural districts of Gujarat. Many of the projects include conducting training programs for the villagers in order to raise their voices against the construction of projects like Nuclear Power Plant, Par-Tapi-Narmada Projects etc. The team also conducted conferences (Nonviolent Livelihood Struggle and Global Militarism: Links & Strategies.) and Youth Camps such as ones which conduct discourses of Gandhi’s life and Journey, program with students from US universities. The team also trains the women in the proper functioning of the Samaj Mahila Mandal. Their constant support in the villages of Mahuva and Mazda continues.





1.War Resisters International (WRI) triennial conference was hosted in Ahmedabad earlier this year. The conference had more than 170 participants, from more than 30 countries from all continents. While the over-arching theme of the conference was Nonviolent Livelihood Struggle and Global Militarism: Links & Strategies. The day-wise themes were Displacement, Development and Militarism, Nonviolent Resistance from Local Communities and Forming transnational alliances respectively. 2.Nuclear Power Plant in Bhavnagar district •The Government of India & the Government of Gujarat have proposed the construction of a 6-8000 MW nuclear power plant in Mithi Virdi-Jaspara villages of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. PSS has been involved in preparing people to protest against it for the past 3 years and had a meeting with 7000 people on 26th April •Local villagers prevented the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL) officials from collecting soil samples •Around 55 representatives (both men & women) decided to visit Tarapur (Maharashtra around 100 kms. From Mumbai) and meet the people who are displaced from their village to another nearby place.30-40 people were not impressed with the housing colony and also learned that many of them were facing serious health Hazards like Cancer etc. 3.Par-Tapi-Riverlinking project •The Par-Tapi-Narmada Link Project would risk in the displacement of the Adivasi communities in the Southern Gujarat. This Project involves in building 6 dams in Gujarat and 1 in Maharshtra. •In Chikhalpada village, around 1200 Adivasi Farmers from 21 villages gathered in 7 July 2010 for first Public Assembly to apeak again the project. •The Local community is stringent on not moving out of their settlements. To demonstrate their opposition, the people of nearby Mohankavchali would not allow the government to conduct a survey for the proposed Dam. •Conducted training programmes for affected people both in Dharampur and Dangs, linking up people living along 5 rivers who will be affected by the 7 proposed Dams. •A small booklet/handbook has been prepared and printed to help them challenge engineers and technocrats. 4.Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti collected official data on the working of Effluent Treatment Plants, & Landfills over 3-4 years across the industrial corridor and held a Press Conference exposing the rampant violation of existing norms on the world environment day(5th June). 5.Mahuva: Supportive role in Mahuva continues. Helped coordinate the February 2010 action in Ahmedabad in face of a Government / Police clamp down. Mahuva has today (like the movement against Umargaon port in South Gujarat a decade ago) become a symbol of people''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s resistance to the Government-corporate nexus. 6.Mozda: •Mozda Collective has finished watershed work in 25 villages in the last 17 years. The repair work of the bunds is carried out by the farmers themselves. In the summer of 2010 (March-April) the Collective helped one village make new bunds. •Samaj Mahila Mandal: The cooperative had a fund of Rs 1,00,000 now from which they provide micro finance to each other. Members Participate in minthly meetings, Forests rights campaign, going to various meetings like Gandhi mela and NAPM convention etc. 7.Youth Camps: Along with Govt of Gujarat and with another NGO (Jatan, working on organic farming) a youth camp was organized in the summer vacation on the banks of river Narmada. The syllabus had a theme-a-day to expose participants to the real environmental challenges Gujarat faces.





Continue to support the projects done in the year 2010. •Continue to train the villagers and educate them about the rights and to protest against the projects that would lead to their displacement. •Continue support in Mahuva and Mazda villages in Bhavnagar Dst. •Continue to conduct youth camps and involve them in various orientation programs.



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