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  project name ~ 2010 Kisan Sarkar Patnership

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


2010 Kisan Sarkar Patnership



Social Development Foundation



Community Empowerment






Uttar Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 250000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Tulika Narayan


College Park









A number of urbanization and industrialization projects are leading to acquisition of land from farmers by the government without adequate compensation and rehabilitation of the farmers who are dependent on these lands for their livelihood . These lands are handed over to private companies in these Public-Private partnerships leaving the farmers to fend for themselves in the face of displacement and unemployment. A Kisan-Sarkar(Farmer-Government) partnership has been proposed to safeguard the interest of the farmers where the farmer will be a direct partner in the "development" process. Such a partnership will not gain momentum unless the farmers and those affected are educated about the prevailing crisis, the reason for land acquisitions and the benefit of a Kisan-Sarkar partnership.
Social Development Foundation(SDF) is proposing a two year program to educate farmers, social activists and the media about the prevailing crisis in order for those affected to successfully lead the movement to bring about a Kisan-Sarkar partnership. SDF is an organization dedicated to spreading land literacy movement, human rights education and promoting spirit of inquiry and scientific knowledge.





SDF along with another organization Jan Sangharsh Vahini has been able to bring the farmers plight to the forefront during the recent Common wealth games(2010) where the farmers and slum dwellers were displaced to make room for beautification of the city. Their work has led to the Kisan-Sarkar Partnership gaining momentum and even gaining audience within the government!





The goal of this project proposed by SDF is to work collaboratively with local farmers movements to help organize communities to effectively lead this campaign to bring about Kisan-Sarkar partnership. Various activities proposed by SDF includes 1) Organizing workshops in various affected areas to raise awareness about the prevailing issue and how and who it affects. 2) One National convention with leading farmers movements across Delhi, Haryana and other parts of India 3) Campaign and advocacy for farmers'''''''' issues and to build Kisan-Sarkar Partnership The national convention is expected to have about 200 people from different parts of the above mentioned states This will be a residential exercise for two days where in future strategies will be chalked out.



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