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  project name ~ Linking organic farmers and consumers

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  Project Name


Linking organic farmers and consumers



sahaja samrudha










  Budget Approved


Rs 118500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Tulika Narayan


College Park









The Project aims to provide good and wider marketing facility to the organic farmers. Savayava Siri procures products in bulk based on the market demand and would supply to the different outlets that are spread in different parts of the state. Supply chain has been designed that would ensure timely supply to all the outlets depending on demand for the products. Demand factor and supply factor such as volume and quality are critical to the success of this industry than only timely procurement. In this project emphasis would be on value addition and farm processing of products that would ensure better profits to the farmer.





SS has developed a connectivity network of consumer and producer for procurement and marketing under the brand name “Savayava Siri”. Savayava Siri a brand that has emerged from concerns of a group of people. For each of them is an organic farmer, who has tested his own efforts and is not just a fancy to eulogize organic farming. These organic farmers have learnt the hard way what works and what doesnt.





1. To create a supply chain of producers (farmers) and consumers 2. To enhance marketing competitiveness of farmers through training and capacity building 3. To increase income level of the organic farmers through value addition and on-farm processing and direct marketing of various products 4. To expand market for organic products through wide publicity and consumer awareness programmes 5. To evolve a seamless Web based or Internet marketing system for small farmers producing organic produce to access good markets 6. To develop common pricing policy for organic produce 7. Formation of State level producer’s company for strengthening organic produce supply chain



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