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  project name ~ Promoting Local Self Governance and Transperancy

category ~ Good Governance




  Project Name


Promoting Local Self Governance and Transperancy






Good Governance







  Budget Approved


Rs 220000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Arun Gopalan


Anti Corruption Team





Swati doing social audit in Bihar






Contributed to the creation of “Model Nagar Raj Bill”- a draft bill for strengthening local self governance in urban areas.

Swati contributed to drafting bill through the research work that She carried out; travelled to different parts of the country to study the Panchayati Raj Systems there. participated in a series of consultations that took place with various activists, researchers, bureaucrats and experts to improve upon our draft.

2. Transperancy and RTI awards:

Swati continues to be involved in Transparency work through effective use of RTI. She was spearheading the RTI awards last year to encourage PIOs to provide information promptly to citizens.

3. Land Acquisition Act

PCRF (specifically Swati) has been working on the newly proposed land acquisition. Currently there are several problems with Land acquisition. For eg 25% of UP is under one company, Delhi-Mumbai corridor has 1000s of land acquired - 150 kms on both side of the highway will be acquired. People have no say. No consultation with panchayats also - only on scheduled area. Entire taj corridor - was acquired under emergency. Govt is supposed to invite objections under the law - but it is a scam, final decision by government.





> A list of amendments for panchayat raj systems has been prepared and considerable headway has been made in Bihar and Goa specifically > Bihar - The team met with general secretary and made a presentation. 10 amendments will be taken forward. > Goa - Met with Law commission. People in Goa totally liked the idea and said that they wanted exactly this, People are very excited and plan to take it forward. > Also prepared a modern nagar raj bill for urban. Maharashtra - 3 outsiders and 4 govt people are involved in preparing it.





Plans for next six months: * Continue the initiatives in Goa, Maharashta and Bihar * Prepare campaign material to demonstrate direct people politics. * Ignite people''''''''s passion through debates, consultations and people will take it forward themselves



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