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  project name ~ Campaign for Bio-Diversity and Environment

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Campaign for Bio-Diversity and Environment









New Delhi




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Rs 313500


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Somu Kumar


College Park









Some specific activities are:

1. Tracking Implementation and Responding to various processes under the Biological Diversity (BD Act and State Rules on an ongoing basis: This primarily looked at setting up of the institutional structure; activities of the National Biodiversity Authority, State Biodiversity Boards and various committees. Efforts were also made to look at the process of setting up of local level Biodiversity Management Committees (BMCs). Related processes like the Indian Biodiversity Information System, types of approvals granted by the NBA and the process followed therein was also looked at. This information was regularly posted on an electronic listserve coordinated by Kalpavriksh: Biodwatch. This has also included responding in detail to the Nagaland State Draft BD Rules both on process and content.

2. I also collaborated with and responded to critical intervention queries related to the declaration of Biodiversity Heritage Sites in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. I was particularly in touch with Deccan Development Society (DDS) and GKVK University for the declaration of BHS process there. The work with DDS was more detailed and indepth in nature and is still ongoing.

3. Research on Access and Benefit Sharing: Special focus was given to research on ABS related aspects of the BD Act implementation and also a preliminary analysis of ABS negotiating documents. This included developing critiques and analysis prior to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP10 in Nagoya, Japan as well as an analysis of the ABS protocol that emerged through the Nagoya process. This work is ongoing.





1. Efforts were made to linking biodiversity issues with the anti-GM struggles. This included the preparation of an analytical note on Bt Brinjal and Biological Diveristy Act which was disseminated through listserves and through networks like Southern Action on Genetic Engineering. Another effort was a joint letter to NBA Chair, GEAC, Minister MOEF and relevant Pakistani officials on the issue of Monsanto India''s export of GM cotton seeds to Pakistan Sow peace across Indo-Pak fields not GM cotton! www.grain.org/btcotton/?id=421. 2. Regional support work continued at various level. Support continued through support letters, RTI applications, appeals with respect to forest and environment issues in Dams in Himachal Pradesh, industrial development along the Mundra coast(Gujarat), POSCO ( Orissa), Raigarh (Chhatisgarh), Athirapilly (Kerala), Dams in Sikkim, and coastal issues for the fishworker groups. Support work on agrobiodiversity and environment pollution related issues with Kheti Virasat Mission (Punjab) and other such networks was also carried out. 3. The work also included national level environment policy analysis which is to have a direct bearing on the local situations e.g. National Green Tribunal, National Environment Protection Authority etc. 4. The work also included a regular and significant use of Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005 for research, advocacy and action for Environment and Development actions. This was done in collaboration and support of the Right to Information clearing house project supported by AID Bay Area.





Writing in web based and mainstream media (both regional and national) was a central to the work carried out during the year. This has included three monthly contributions to Civil Society, Agrowon marathi paper and www.indiatogether.org. Other than this I have written individually and in partnership on several current issues related to agrobiodiversity, environment, food security ranging from policy level changes to on ground efforts. These were regularly shared within the AID network. The future work for which support is being requested will be to carry forward many of these activities as they require ongoing intervention. Although in some cases specific projects or policies which require support/campaigns/action/analysis will be different, they will largely fall within the realm of work that I have been carrying out in 2010.



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