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  project name ~ 2011 Enhancing legal and policy knowledge of wastepickers in Delhi

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  Project Name


2011 Enhancing legal and policy knowledge of wastepickers in Delhi













  Budget Approved


Rs 348000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Lakshmi Gorrepati


College Park









This project aims to enhance the legal and policy level knowledge of waste pickers in Delhi so that they can be properly equipped to demand their rights to a decent livelihood.





Safai sena (a registered group of waste pickers in Delhi) was helped start with help from this project.Safai sena was given the contract to do post Airtel Delhi marathon and impressed by their work they have been given the contract again.Some of the waste pickers from Safai sena also went to Copenhagen and Cancun to participate in the climate change meetings with help from Chintan. They demanded that they be allowed to sort waste and recycle and not incinerate all waste by machines that add more CO2 to the environment.Work by this project has ensured that waste pickers can also be beneficiaries of the urban poor social security scheme proposed by the govt of Delhi





Chintan has ~52 ground level workers (top leaders) working to mobilize their peers. These are our nascent grassroots leaders. Chintan team and these leaders building groups of wastepickers. Chintan intends to concentrate on building their skills and enable them to lead a widespread movement of waste recyclers. But most or none of them speak English or not literate. Unfortunately, and all the new policies, rulings and rules are in English and have to be accessed from various sources including using RTI. This proposal was aimed at filling in the gap by recruiting and training an enthusiastic, committed and serious person who would be able to help access information, build knowledge, mobilize advocacy in synergy with the team



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