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  project name ~ NREGA Project Phase 2 - Baghmundi

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


NREGA Project Phase 2 - Baghmundi



Mandra Lions Club



Community Empowerment






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 990100


  Year Approved







1   2   3     

  Chapter Coordinators


Naveen Vetcha


Los Angeles





NREGS at Jitu Bandh, Madla II No. Sansad





AID LA chapter and the Mandra Lions Club will continue collaboration into Phase 2 to work ensure transperancy in implementation of NREGA.

A key focus of this phase would involve the Empowerment of the communities through the help of various Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

In addition, adequate measures will be implemented in Phase 2 to check the corruption levels that were observed in Phase 1.





MLC achieved the following accomplishments in Phase 1 of this project: 1.Promoted high awareness of NREGA in the communities of Baghmundi block during Phase 1 2. Developed good working relationships with the district authorities for smooth functioning. 3. Mobilization of people in the community to file applications for job cards and jobs under NREGA.





1. Ensuring all the job cards with the family photo who will work under that job card. 2. Facilitate organizing ‘Jan Sunani’ public hearing at all sansads (80% of 81 nos. total sansad at Bagmundi block) 3. Facilitate NREGS annual sansad plan at all sansads (80% of 81 nos. total sansad at Bagmundi block) to be developed in the coming year with people’s participation. At the end of the project the following changes are expected to be seen: 1. All the job cards with family photo. 2. Right persons are engaged at work. 3. People are getting the copy of annual sansad NREGS plan on demand. 4. People are monitoring NREGS implementation process. 5. Confusion regarding soil cutting measurement will not be there. 6. People are participating at sansad planning process. 7. Jan sunani is implemented and people are taking interest in it. 8. Positive media clips which indicate change in NREGS.



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