"Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ Girls Education Project

category ~ Education - Child




  Project Name


Girls Education Project



TRU (Trust for Reaching the Unreached)



Education - Child







  Budget Approved


Rs 220000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Umang Kumar
Priya Bangal










Girl Education Project (GEP) run by Trust for Reaching the Unreached (TRU). This project pertains to a residential facility being run for tribal girls in the Shivrajpur district of Gujarat. This hostel helps the tribal girls attend high school, which is otherwise inaccessible. The hostel also provides additional tuition for the girls and runs a kitchen garden.





First year of project.





1) To facilitate girls’ education including catching up with basic deficits in reading, writing and calculation skills as well as providing as much extra curricular support and activities as possible 2) Serve as a model or demonstration project for government and other hostel type facilities to emulate 3) Most importantly provide girls with a sense of empowerment and independence



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