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  project name ~ Tolakari-a community magazine on sustainable agriculture

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  Project Name


Tolakari-a community magazine on sustainable agriculture



Center for Sustainable Agriculture









Andhra Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 360000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Lakshmi Gorrepati


College Park









propose to initiate a community magazine on sustainable agriculture named ‘Tolakari’ (the first rain). This magazine will be built as a platform for farmers, people working with farmers to share their learnings on sustainable production systems, and issues on policy front. As CSA already have contacts in most of the districts of Andhra Pradesh we can put in effort to collect the information and directly distribute the magazine to the farmers as well. Monthly events organized in districts will further help in building the circulation.





The first three bulletins have already come out in Telugu and have been very well received.





Tolakari would be first magazine completely dedicated to ‘Ecological Farming’ and also dedicating substantial space for policy education. Tolakari will reach out to every mandal in two years period and most of the gram panchayats In long run we aim to reach to every village in Andhra Pradesh. Tolakari will provide monthly updates and also acts as long term knowledge repository.



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