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  project name ~ Swaraj Campaign: Strengthening of Panchayats in UP

category ~ Good Governance




  Project Name


Swaraj Campaign: Strengthening of Panchayats in UP






Good Governance






Uttar Pradesh

  Budget Approved


Rs 384000


  Year Approved







1   2  

  Chapter Coordinators


Vishal Kudchadkar


Los Angeles
Anti Corruption Team





-Swaraj Campaign Open Meetings





The support sought in this proposal is for the activities under the Swaraj Campaign for strengthening of Panchayats in the Eastern Uttar Pradesh districts of Deoria and
Kushinagar. The aim is to make the people aware of the Swaraj Campaign and mobilize them to join the campaign and create a people’s movement to force the government to bring about legal changes to fulfil the demands of the Swaraj Campaign. In the process, villagers will be mobilized to
have open and engaged meetings of Gram Sabha so that decisions about development are made by the stake holders and transparent implementation of development works is ensured.





- Awareness and gram sabha meetings has started





- Conduct open gram sabhas in "friendly" Panchayats and enable decisions to be made in a transparent and participatory manner. - Educate people about Swaraj Campaign and mobilize support for passing the LokRaj Bill that would empower the gram samba with decision making. - Ensure development work is undertaken as per gram sabha''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s requirements and implemented under the gram sabha''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s supervision.



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