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  project name ~ MLC - Drinking water & Livelihood

category ~ Livelihood Generation




  Project Name


MLC - Drinking water & Livelihood



Mandra Lions Club



Livelihood Generation






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


Rs 275200


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Somesh Roy
Sridhar Vemuri


Penn State
Los Angeles









The concept note provides a need for immediate drinking water provision for the drought-affected region in Purulia, West Bengal. There exists suffering from water borne diseases like somatic problems, dysentery etc.
Moreover, due to shortage of rain for the past few years, even agriculture was affected and farmers are not able to promote sustained cultivation which has in turn affected the wage-earning capabilities of the villagers. This proposal provides an option for a sustained livelihood via agriculture in such severe conditions.





20 wells have been re-excavated. Please see the attached report.





1. Provide immediate drinking water option through re-excavation of dried up wells. 2. Setup a tubewell infrastructure that provides water for 78 Bhigas of land for cultivation besides drinking water for 300 families



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