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  project name ~ Tiger Anti-Poaching project 2011

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  Project Name


Tiger Anti-Poaching project 2011



Tiger Watch










  Budget Approved


$ 9000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Bindu Viswanathan











The main objectives of Tiger Watch include –
Helping in the protection of the wildlife in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and its adjoining areas.

Forming an efficient anti-poaching network.

Helping the Mogya’s find an alternative source of livelihood so that they can be encouraged to reform.

Helping the women in the Mogya community become self-sufficient.

Educating the children of the Mogya community.

Exploring biodiversity in Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and its surrounding areas.

Helping in capacity building of the forest department by providing them with various resources.

To continue acting as a pressure group (in alliance with the media) in the area to ensure long-term efforts in protecting the tiger.

This project focuses on the anti-poaching angle only.





Project achievement between April 2010 and March 2011 – This year 12 men were arrested of which Two were involved in 2004 tiger poaching cases, four were involved in leopard poaching five were arrested in wild boar poaching case and one with an illegal gun possession. One leopard skin, one wild boar and two illegal guns were confiscated.





Vigilance - To keep a vigilance of any poaching activities around Ranthambhore. Documentation - Keep photographic and case documentation and records of individuals involved in poaching activity Informers - Select informers and keep them motivated. This is the most important division of the organization. The anti-poaching program works on the basis of the information coming from its informers. Some of the informers are members of the Mogya community itself. Since Mogya community is an impenetrable community such insiders are very valuable source. The informer usually comes and goes as per the trend observed. Coordination with two executive raid agencies that is the police and the forest department for anti-poaching operations. Also, motivate and train them for the same.



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