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  project name ~ Rajasthan Drought Relief

category ~ relief and rehabilitation




  Project Name


Rajasthan Drought Relief



BGVS Rajasthan (Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samithi)



relief and rehabilitation







  Budget Approved


$ 10000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Madhulika Yalamanchi











Baran district is one of the worst drought affected districts in Rajasthan in the year 2002. BGVS along with PUCL (Peoples Union of Civil Liberties) and Sankalp conducted a survey in 71 hamlets of 45 villages in Shahbad block. The survey was assessed the situation of water & fodder availability, identification of people who were affected the most and provide immediate relief.BGVS volunteers were motivated to report the situation in the villages, monitored the PDS, Food for work programmes & Gratuitous relief and other Govt schemes and provided emergency relief & health care by organizing health camps and transporting sick persons to the CSC & district hospital.





Monitored 166 food for work programmes in which more than 6000 labour days were generated and made sure that the most needy got work. Monitored the PDS and created pressure when the grain was not distributed on time Provided water in villages in which water was not available Wheat was mobilized from Punjab and it was distributed to families who left out in govt programmes. Rigorous health monitoring was done, more than 450 were taken to the hospitals and more than 3500 were provided relief and intensive care. 20 Health camps were organized in most effected villages. The overall effect has been that an awareness has been created so that the community can avail to the basic facilities. For further details, please look at the Project Completion Health Report





BGVS plans to carry out the following activities for 10 months, which will end in September of 2003. (1) Gratuitous relief to the most vulnerable, especially children and women (2) Immediate relief to the people living in these areas, in the form of FOOD FOR WORK (3) Transportation of the sick and invalid to hospitals. (4) Health camps. (5) Leveraging government schemes, which can benefit the communities. (6) Transporting water to villages facing water crisis.



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