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  project name ~ 2011-Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA-RTI Manch

category ~ Right To Information (RTI)




  Project Name


2011-Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA-RTI Manch






Right To Information (RTI)







  Budget Approved


Rs 110000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Tathagata Sengupta
Rohan Nigam
Brahma Reddy Induri
Amit Soni


West Virginia










The organization - Manthan

Manthan is a non-governmental organization working towards addressing the socio-economic and environmental challenges of the communities in the rural areas of central Rajasthan in India. Manthanís efforts are geared towards improving the lives of all villagers irrespective of their caste, religion or political affiliations.

Project - RTI Manch: Awareness Generation and Facilitation of RTI and NREGA

RTI Manch is a group of four full time fellows Kamal, Lakshman, Mohan and Mukesh, who are committed to activities focused on RTI & NREGA. Their activities include RTI/NREGA awareness campaign; review the status of implementation of RTI act and suggesting improvements, social audits and public hearing and, collaboration with other NGOs and public organizations in relevant public movements.

They have around 100 student volunteers from University of Rajasthan. These students have been helping RTI Manch projects as an when required by RTI Manch project. They focus on villages near Jaipur and help the residents to know about the importance of RTI, the Right to information act (http://www.righttoinformation.gov.in/). Further, they enlighten them about NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) and ensure that the workers are paid as per government norms. Normally they work with other prominent NGOs like MKSS, Pradhan, Rozgaar Evam Suchana ka Adhikar Abhiyan etc.





On 19th Dec 2009, Mr. Kamal from RTI Manch put an application for copies of Jaipur Municipal Corporation manual under Section 4 of RTI 2005 act. After a year, Jaipur Municipal Corporation finally made Section 4 B manual under RTI Act. This 100 page manual contain powers and duties of officers of Jaipur Municipal Corporation along with the timelines of completion of various applications and complaints.





1) Organizing Kiosks for giving functional and fundamental information to common masses on the process of obtaining information under RTI Act 2) Organizing workshops on RTI and NREGA Acts 3) Organizing public hearings for the effective functioning of SIC 4) Conducting NREGA dialogue between public and govt for the proper implementation of NREGA 5) Work towards the proper implementation of Section 4 of RTI Act 6) Participate in social audits and public hearings to ensure and promote transparency and accountability 7) State-level campaigning for the rights and demands of farmers and workers and RTI implementation in collaboration with RTI and NREGA Campaign 8) Political and legal battles for the rights of workers



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