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  project name ~ JSS Ambulance 2011

category ~ Health Care - Adult




  Project Name


JSS Ambulance 2011



JSS (Jan Swasthya Sahyog)



Health Care - Adult







  Budget Approved


Rs 144000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Vasundhara Rangaswamy


Bay Area









JSS initiative is to support a community initiative for public transport connecting villages in the area especially those not on the roadside. Timely access to medical care is essential in saving many lives including during delivery time.





Already within three months of its starting, the vehicle was being overused, and overbooked. This only shows the urgent and huge need for cheap and available transportation. This vehicle is also run as an emergency service ambulance, and gets 20 - 25 calls per month. It is used not only for health but also for other human needs for which it is requested and use cannot be refused: accessing markets, education, visiting government offices, etc.





To save lives during delivery and other emergency medical conditions, connect far flung villages not easily accessible by public transport. To advocate the idea and enable the state to resume public transport in the area.



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