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  project name ~ Kajla Janakalyan Samiti _Educational program

category ~ literacy and education




  Project Name


Kajla Janakalyan Samiti _Educational program



KJKS (Kajla Janakalyan Samiti)



literacy and education






West Bengal

  Budget Approved


$ 4000


  Year Approved







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  Chapter Coordinators


Sridhar Rajam












In July of 2000, the Cincinnati Chapter approved a project to improve
the condition of female children and adolescents in the area. Kajla
noticed that often the well being of female children and adolescents
is given very little attention, even to the point of neglect. Kajla
planned a primary school for girl children and various activities
promoting their education rights among the parents. Kajla also
proposed health education in schools, health checkup, and
distribution of nutrimix (a locally prepared food to supplement
childrens nutrition). Adolescent teams would be formed to
participate in various activities that benefit the community such as
preparation of nutrimix, campaigning on community health through
rallies and meetings.
Project Progress:

The school has been constructed with a lot of community involvement -
the villagers provided the labour and raised nearly 70% of the
construction costs. Currently 80% of the construction is complete
with only plastering and furniture setup work left. The school
started functioning in July 2001 and about 150 children are enrolled
in classes from pre-primary through VI standard. Kajla has conducted
bimonthly awareness camps on education and childcare benefiting 200

On the health front, 100 families were supplied the nutrimix food and
another 500 families were aided in setting up kitchen gardens.
Awareness camps have been held on personal hygiene, worm infection
and other common diseases with participation of around 300 mothers.
With the help of the government health center, immunization and
family planning programs were conducted benefiting 300 families.
Towards controlling diseases that spread through poor sanitation,
Kajla has helped 50 families in setting up low-cost latrines.

18 adolescent teams have been formed with 230 adolescents. The
adolescents were provided training on reproductive health, ecological
education, primary health care, and leadership. Three adolescent
teams have started production of nutrimix food. The adolescent groups
have also been involved in distributing plant saplings (500 number),
conducting surveys and campaigning on social issues in 5 villages.





? Established a school up to class VI with 210 students of backward families which in 65% of girl child and 35% of male child. ? Establish joyful teaching & learning method in this school. ? Formed and organized 22 adolescent team with 285 adolescent. ? Developed relationship with panchayat, Govt. primary schools and Govt. health centre. ? Covered 82% of families under low cost latrine program with the help of Panchayat. ? Covered 75% of children and pregnant mothers under immunization program with the help of Govt. health Centre. ? Covered 100% of children under pulse polio programme with the help of Panchayat and Block health Dept. ? Covered 50% of families under family planning program (Permanent & Temporary) with the help of Govt. health centre. ? Increased awareness level among the poor people on health hygiene, nutrition, Mother & childcare, HIV&AIDS, child education and others. ? 5 women’s groups have been formed with 75 women of poor families. ? One Foster-mother team has been formed for save delivery. ? One children organization in this school. ? Govt. Primary Schools, Health Sub centre and local panchayat have been developing their quality of services to the grassroots’ people. ? Skill has been developed among the adolescent on Cultural, handcrafts, Gardening and others.





To motivate the parents on girl child education, health etc. To emphasise girl child education through the opening of a school for girl children. To check malnutrition and associated disease through production fo low cost nutrimix food & nutrition garden. To form adolescent girls teams for creating awareness among villagers especially women on education, health etc. To create an atmosphere for the normal growth of female babies & girl child. To develop a co-operative feeling among the adolescent girls.



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