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  project name ~ RTI on wheels - repair

category ~ Community Empowerment




  Project Name


RTI on wheels - repair






Community Empowerment







  Budget Approved


$ 2500


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Srinivas Chadram (Naga)











This money is being given to Janpath to repair the damages done to the Sumo used as RTI on wheels for the past two years.





The Sumo which has been used as RTI on wheels has been in use for the past two years, It has reached more that 2.5 lakhs citizens in 15 districts of the state of Gujarat. The locations where RTI On wheels reaches are both Rural and Urban areas. It goes to markets, folk fairs, public Authorities, hospitals, Pubic gardens, slums, settlements of nomadic and de-notified, desert of Kutch where Agariyas produce salt, village Panchyat, schools and colleges. It disseminates the information about schemes, programmes, its budgets, processes, which is mandatory on the part of public authority to pro-actively disclose as per section 4 of the RTI act. It is found that RTI on Wheels increases the number of queries on Phone Calls; it helps citizen to draft her/his application correctly.





The goals of the repair would be to do the following things: 1. Wiring to be changed. 2. Colour, side mirror, door, shutters to be repaired, 3. Ventilation between two compartments 4. New projector, and Public address system, tape recorder, speaker, with microphone. 5. Big screen TV (there is no meaning in repairing these.. as it keeps on giving problem now)



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