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  project name ~ Rehabilitation of riot victims

category ~ relief-gujarat-2002




  Project Name


Rehabilitation of riot victims



LS (Lok Samiti)










  Budget Approved


$ 30000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Madhulika Yalamanchi











In 2002, catastrophic happenings in Gujarat have put about a hundred thousand people in dire straits. People arrived at the camps stripped of everything they possessed: dear ones, dignity, houses, household goods and means of livelihood.
Lok samiti undertook relief work in Ahmedabad with focus on the people who are in dire need. The idea was to rebuild the houses, domestic requirements, providing seed money or capital for restarting livelihood activities, providing tools for their occupations etc.





About 350 houses were rebuilt. Most of the money went to dailt Hindus as Muslims refused to accept money from other communities. Some of the businesses were restarted.





To help the riot victims rebuild homes and restart their businesses 1. Supplement rebuilding or build complete structure for those totally left out. 3. Provide domestic requirements fully or partly as the case may be 4. Provide seed money or capital as the case may be 5. Provide tools and menas of livelihood 6 Provide ration for one or two months when the refugee starts his or her life anew after leaving the camp.



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