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  project name ~ Mavallipura Waste Dump Cleanup

category ~ Environment




  Project Name


Mavallipura Waste Dump Cleanup



Environment Support Group










  Budget Approved


Rs 360000


  Year Approved








  Chapter Coordinators


Avni Jain












This project with ESG, Bengaluru seeks to raise awareness on environmental & health impacts of unscientific and illegal municipal solid waste dumping in and around the village of Mavallipura where truckloads of waste from Bengaluru is dumped every day. They aim to mobilize support to shut down the unscientific municipal landfill. As a result of their efforts, the municipal commissioner paid a visit to the village & the first ever health survey of the area was conducted in March, 2011.





- ESG submitted comprehensive report to Karnataka Lokayukta. Lokayukta officials also visit Mavallipura open garbage field - the Municipal Commissioner Mr.Siddaiah along with the Chief Health Officer,Additional Health Commissioner and a large team of BBMP officials visited Mavallipura on 5th March 2011 to understand and assess the scale of the problem. -The Commissioner immediately ordered a series of Comprehensive Health Check ups of all the villages surrounding the landfills. Through the subsequent weeks four major health camps were held in different neighbouring villages. These were Free Health Camps and were conducted by a team of doctors and paramedics from the Victoria Hospital, Vani Vilas Hospital, Institute of Nephro-Urology, Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology and Shekhar Netralaya. More details can be found in the progress report





1. Initiate comprehensive legal action against public and private parties for damaging the local environment and health of communities. This would include both criminal and civil litigation with the intent of forcing authorities to fully comply with the law and restore the rights and habitats of local communities. 2. To build awareness and ensure communities will campaign against the proposed Waste-to-energy project, given its inherent and complex environmental and health implications, and also the huge economic burden the technology causes.



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