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  project name ~ 2011-JSS-NetworkingLab

category ~ Health Care - Adult




  Project Name





JSS (Jan Swasthya Sahyog)



Health Care - Adult







  Budget Approved


Rs 50000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Sunita Mani











Request for financial support to put a network system in place in the JSS laboratory and to use a software programme to fulfil unmet needs.





Not yet funded.





Advantages once JSS installs the system in the lab – 1. Registering patient samples 2. Patient data storage 3. Correct Billing 4. Report generation in time 5. Printing of reports 6. Dally/Weekly/Monthly data availability 7. A patient’s data on all the tests and reports at one place during a particular period can be seen/referred. 8. Data on referrals by various doctors. 9. The doctors in the OPD can have the access to these data/reports for quick decisions on the prescriptions and/or further treatment.



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