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  project name ~ Earthquake Relief, Gujarat

category ~ relief-gujarat-2001




  Project Name


Earthquake Relief, Gujarat



TRU (Trust for Reaching the Unreached)






Bhachau, Rapar




  Budget Approved


$ 10000


  Year Approved







1      3   4   5  

  Chapter Coordinators


Nishant Jain
Ashish Bhutada












The 2001 devastating Gujarat EQ left several families homeless. Additionally a large number of people were affected physically & physchologically. An amount of $16,500 has been approved by Network of Asian American Organisations(NAAO) - ( A consortium of Indian Organizations in Austin) towards TRUs health work. The proposal to AID is towards reconstruction of houses.
TRU had already done immediate relief work and now initiated action for rehabilitation phase. They have selected two pockets of about 20 villages each. They hope to work for re-instituting primary health work and organize the secondary (i.e. referral needs) health care for the people in these villages over a period of one year.










To do the following in the proposed districts - 14 villages in the Khadir belt of Bhachau taluka and 16 villages in the Balasar area of Rapar taluka. 1.To provide counseling and support to the survivors 2.To provide transit shelter till the permanent houses are built up. 3.To provide minimum and essential household items where most of the things are burried or destroyed. 4.To help to start schools, health centres and other public utility services, which have already been destroyed. 5.To enable to start economic activity.



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