"Learning humility, purity and simple-living from those who don't take too much from the earth...
Targetting the problems of hunger, disease and oppression that sadden their lives...
Inspiring in each other trust, confidence and support for one another..."

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  project name ~ Swati Desai Saathiship 2012

category ~ Saathi




  Project Name


Swati Desai Saathiship 2012



AID Chennai










  Budget Approved


Rs 144000


  Year Approved







  Chapter Coordinators


Chirag Amin
Mohan Bhagat


Bay Area
College Park









Founding member of the PSS (Paryavaran Suraksha Samiiti). Swati has been involved in cases of chemical/ industrial pollution & groundwater, river and air contamination in Gujarat - creating awareness, providing factual and technical information, and working with communities to organize and mobilize against pollution, appropriation of property and other detrimental policies. Has been editing Bhumika - a bi-weekly Gujarati journal w/ articles on spirituality, philosophy, education, science and development





In 2011, took charge of bringing out one issue every month of Bhumika - spends 10 days/month on this effort. In June and December, brought a special issue on environment and GM food. Been involved in various campaigns/protests in 2011: Municipal solid waste in Baroda, Effluent Treatment, Nirma Cement Plant in Mahua, River Interlinking Project, Monsanto GM, Nuclear Power Plant in Bhavnagar, NAPM organized satyagraha against Land Acquisition & Resettlement and Forest Rights Implementation.





Plans to continue working on Bhumika and the various campaigns/projects



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